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Wildlife paintings from Nico Bulder

“The Message”

The Earth is changing rapidly as a result of mankind not taking enough care of the animals and their natural environment. Over-fishing, deforestation, building in wildlife areas, sport hunting, etc. comes to mind.

If we don’t stop this behaviour, man will become a victim of his own "success", and eventually we will have failed to inhabit this beautiful planet in harmony with nature.

The paintings of the two Masters and ten portraits ask you, the observer, to open your eyes and make a positive contribution to a new world, one in which man and nature can live together in harmony. Don’t give up when you see more destruction of nature and the environment, but do everything in your power to stop this process. Raise your voice in a clear protest against everything that is harming our planet.

This series of twelve paintings is my mission to give people something to think about and for them to do something with it. Every painting represents a part of our planet and draws attention to those specific problems that need to be solved.

Not all of the paintings are ready to be displayed here yet, but I am working hard to finish them. I have created this series of twelve paintings out of respect and love for nature and everything that’s alive in the hope that we can still turn the tide, and it carries the name "The Message". ~ Nico Bulder

© Nico Bulder - all paintings & photographs are copyright protected and may not be reproduced without prior written permission. Some oil paintings are available, if you'd like to arrange a viewing, please don't hesitate to contact me.